ITPRO Africa as a community is about uplifting ITPRO’s in Africa via any practical means possible, including this site, various events both online and offline.

ITPROAFRICA.com is meant to be a site that allows ITPRO’s to share operational, architectural and functional experience with others.  This site is built as a multi user blogging engine since we found that when we search for THAT piece of information, most of the time it’s in the a blog post where an IT pro has found a solution and blogged about it in the context of the problem that was solved.

So what do we blog about? Anything technology related that makes our lives easier or solves a problem somewhere. We have an amazing pool of talent available in Africa, we want to showcase those who are shining stars of knowledge and with that grow the average ITPRO in our audience to an exceptional IT pro or just make someone’s life easier.

ITPROAFRICA.com is also meant to be a home for other communities, either as a launch pad or as a permanent home. We welcome IT Pro based communities looking for a place to post, park an RSS feed or just use the site as a vehicle to rally their community. If you’d like to talk to use leave a comment underneath or mail me on nicolas.blank AT gmail DOT com.

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