SharePoint 2013 – Oh wherefore art thou Blank Site Template

Blankman this one’s for you 🙂
Just because it’s about the Blank site template.

If you upgrading or just looking to create a blank site in SharePoint 2013 you will notice its not there by default.

Have no fear for it still exists in the web template gallery.

To have this activated on you site.

* Browse to : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\1033\XML* Edit file : WEBTEMP.XML
* Locate this line of code : <Configuration ID=”1″ Title=”Blank Site” Hidden=”TRUE”
* Change Hidden=”TRUE” to Hidden=”FALSE”
And you are done….

Not really 😛

* You will see the blank site when you create a site collection via CA
* But not when you create a site in that site collection or subsite
* To activate for sites or sub sites
* Browse to your site
* Browse to site settings
* Under look and feel select Page layouts and site templates
* Under the sub site templates select Blank Site all and add it to the window on the right

Now you are done

Happy Blank site creation

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