SharePoint 2013 Setting up workflow

With a new product comes new challenges. This is my first post and I hope that it helps 🙂

Simple process :

  1. Login with account that has appropriate rights
  2. Download the Windows Azure Workflow Installer
  3. Install WF manager
  4. Open WF manager configuration
  5. Click Configure WFManager with custom settings
  6. Follow the wizard
  7. Always test you connection, just to be sure
  8. When entering the USER ID use the FQDN else you will suffer the wrath of a Access Denied (401)
  9. If your not only using HTTPS then tick the Allow workflow management over HTTP on this computer options is ticked
  10. Service Bus Configuration, fill out necessary details
  11. Click on the tick in the bottom right corner
  12. Wait for the wizard to complete
  13. Open up a powershell console window
  14. Run : Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite http://xxxx/ -WorkflowHostUri http://xxxx:12291 –AllowOAuthHttp
  15. Open Central Admin -> Manage Service Applications
  16. At the bottom you will notice a new service application proxy -> Workflow Service Application Proxy
  17. Click on it, if setup correctly it will display Workflow is Connected

* Note UPS has to be up and running

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