Survey on Cybercrime and Security

The University of Cape Town`s Information Systems (IS) department is conducting SA`s third Survey on Cybercrime and Security.

The aim of the research is to evaluate SA`s current cybercrime landscape in comparison with the results of the first survey that was conducted in 2008 and the latest CSI survey conducted in the US.

Furthermore, the research will emphasise the importance of education and awareness about the current state and severity of cybercrime that affect South African organisations and the impact it may have on their business.

The main benefit of the research is to provide a measurement of the perceived cybercrime problem in South Africa. Organisations can use the results of this measurement to design and implement better management strategies.

We urge all IS professionals and senior management to complete the survey and to distribute it to their peers. A larger sample will yield more accurate results.

Link to the survey: and it should take ~15 minutes to complete.

Marlon Duminy

Marlon has been working in the IT Industry for a good number of years, both locally and abroad. He holds a couple of Microsoft Certified Qualications and also studied Business Management and Project Managment. However, he still works in a very technical position as he believes that getting your hands dirty is still the best way to learn.

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