Useful website and an amazing tool

In my travels in Cyberspace one of the more useful websites I’ve come across is the Gibson Research Corporation at .


The site is  run by Steve Gibson and is a trove of useful free tools and utilities.


The one piece of software that Steve charges for is well worth having . It’s called Spinwrite and is the best harddrive maintenance/data recover tool I’ve come across.

If Spinwrite can’t get the drive/data back it’s time to call in the DR boys. I’ve used it several times to recover peoples data and it’s never failed me. It costs about $100


The one other feature that I use all the time is Shield’sUP. What it does is perform a remote port scan of your machine to see what ports are open. The other useful thing it does is tell you what IP address it sees your traffic coming from. I’ve found this very useful on multiple occasions when an organisation has been unable to tell what the external IP address on their firewall is.


Steve also hosts a weekly Podcast called Security Now which I’m a regular listener to. THe link for the podcast is here:

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