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Have been reading Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook for the last few days and couldn’t stop until I finished it, summary it is amazing book.

The book is written into cookbook style so it doesn’t waste your time in useless introductions and chapters it goes directly into PowerShell introduction chapter and after that goes into delving into most of the commands system admin/consultant/implementer might need.

Have to admit that by reaching page 20 I started to read new information and hints, I loved the problem introduction and how do I style so the book says Mark want to import mailboxes to users from CSV, and then follows it with how do I and adds extra section to extend it maybe using variables..etc

Mike Pfeiffer have done a great effort with the book, and covered almost everything from installation to advanced administration covering most of the common and advanced tasks and introducing new hints and scripts like in the chapter of monitoring server health and managing mailboxes it is full of handy scripts that will help you in managing, reporting and logging mailboxes and servers.

you have to get that book into your library, you can buy it from here and you won’t regret it.

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