Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices, Book Review

as an Architect and technology lover, I rarely find a new interesting book to read, I have read a lot and that made my life harder now, I cannot find a book targeting experienced consultants/Architects those days.

Most of the books explains the technology from scratch and overlooking the tricky parts since it assumes that you are beginner in the track, most of books doesn’t pay attention to design aspects and technology architecture that needs to be explained.

One of the most well written books for Exchange is the Exchange Server 2010 Best practices, available on amazon and most popular book stores.

The amazing about that book that it doesn’t target only experienced consultants but explains the technology also for beginners and demonstrate the basic configuration tasks required, as well as delving in design aspects for hardware, software and infrastructure.

the 2 amazing section I read 2-3 times were security and backup/restore, although technet/blogs spent a great deal in explaining those, the technique in explaining the architecture and how to perform basic to advanced tasks in those 2 segments,in this boos they are very well written in an easy none complex way harnessing simplicity with value.

If you are experienced consultant or a novice admin, you will find this book a value for you, the way it is written with practical notes, Deep Architecture explanation and its design notes make the book a huge treasure for Exchange server lovers.

Mahmoud Magdy

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