Sony’s PSN hacked

As you may have gauged from other posts, Sony has never been a favourite of mine. Their recent activity in suing George Hotz for hacking the Playstation  3 ( after they removed the OtherOS function ) means I’m even less enamoured with them. But the final nail may have just been struck: the Playstation Network has been down since last Wednesday due to a breach in the system. For the PSN’s 77 million worldwide users, this is a massive problem, not to mention the fact that yesterday, Sony admitted that user data was compromised. And this may include Credit Card information – they can’t confirm ( or deny ) ….

Considering that some, in online forums, have been murmuring about fraudulent credit card activity in the last week, it’s quite possible that Sony hasn’t been entirely forthcoming about the details of the attack. And that’s par for the course unfortunately.

I’ve written about cloud services and dependence on 3rd parties in other articles. Recent events, including Amazon’s cloud issues last week, confirm what I’ve said all along: don’t rely on 3rd parties ( including cloud services ) for your critical services. Or if you do, don’t go screaming  to your provider when they’re down.

Robby Pedrica

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