Win 7 SP1 out soon

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 should be available soon and won’t have much new functionality, but will have the usual hot fixes and patches. 3 items that will make an appearance are:

  • Advanced Vector Extensions ( AVX ) which will be available in forthcoming processors
  • RemoteFX – an extension to RDP
  • Dynamic Memory – intelligent allocation of memory

The last 2 are only relevant in networks running Win Server 2k8 R2. It also seems that there will be a dependency ( Update 976902 ) before one will be able to install SP1 through Windows Update.

Robby Pedrica

Robby Pedrica is a storage and security specialist providing IT and ITSM consulting services in Southern Africa to SME and Enterprise clients. With 20 years of experience, and numerous certifications, Robby excels in niche areas such as systems monitoring, load balancing, advanced storage functions like virtualisation, backup and replication, virtual security appliances, and FOSS software infrastructure such as web, email and application servers. He also runs 'Robby Pedrica's Tech Blog' expounding the mantra of security, security, security.

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