MSINFO32 and WMI Firewall Configuration

I’ve being doing some work using MSINFO32 to grab information about remote servers and came across a couple of instances where I got an error that looks as follows:



This was only occurring on a couple of Windows Server 2008 machines. After some investigation I discovered that the Windows Management Instrumentaation (WMI-in) Rule needed to be enabled in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security MMC snap in before the MSINFO32 application would connect to the server and allow me to extract the data I needed.


Here’s a picture of the rule setting:



I’ve got it set to work in all of domains from any IP address.


Once I set this rule I was able to complete the operation. I’ve not been able to discover a consistent configuration that would result in this rule being enabled but if you do run into a similar problem this is how I fixed it.

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