Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Transport Server Role Architecture Diagrams

The Microsoft Exchange Team has released two architecture diagrams pertaining to the Exchange 2010 Hub Transport Server. These diagrams are useful to anyone supporting or architecting Exchange 2010 since they reveal components of the Hub Server which aren’t revealed using the Exchange Management Shell.

Looking at the diagrams you’ll understand much more about queues, how RMS/IRM fits into mail flow and a few other bits which may surprise.

If you’ve ever wondered how things look under the hood, then here’s your chance to find out:

Well done and thank you to the Technical Writing Team.

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Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator

The Exchange Storage calculator is out. Ross Smith IV has done a supper job on updating the storage calculator and releasing it.

Why do you need it? Sizing Exchange can be a bit of a black art. understanding your users, how they’re using mail, understanding the disk I/O parameters of the disks in your SAN or direct attached disks all add up to spending a fair amount of time working out how to size the mailbox role required for the version of Exchange you’re using.

The Role Requirements calculators for Exchange are updated regularly as the team takes feedback and adjusts the calculator accordingly, so check back every time you need to calculate the role requirement for a new server.

The blog post describing the new release of the calculator is here:

The download link for the calculator is here:

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Exchange 2010 RTM download available

Exchange 2010 is available for download here:

The download is 339.6 MB large, is 64 bit ONLY and the version should resolve to 14.00.0639.021

Skip the marketing on the bottom and go download it. Enough said.. Go get it.

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