I know it’s radical, but we’d like some feedback on how were doing. 🙂

ITPRO’s generally have a reputation for not sharing, not responding and not communicating.  I’d like to a) break the mould, b) prove the perception wrong.

With that in mind I’ve posted the same question on our Facebook page under discussions, so please feel free to answer there, or under the comment section of this post.

Note that you can use your Facebook credentials to login and post on this site as well.

Quoting from my Facebook discussion post:

Hi All,
were looking for feedback on the site:
What DO you like
what DON’T you like
What would you like changed/improved/added/removed
Let us know whats right and wrong and give us the feedback we need to make the site better….

Please feel free to be blunt/happy/sad/anything else/etc if need be. Give us flames if you feel we need them, but do give us something.

We’ve posted on various topics and technologies – is that working for you – is the blog format working for you, is there too much or too little information, etc, etc

My personal preference is to direct you to the discussion on Facebook so that more folks can get involved, however feel free to comment here if you’d like to.

Look forward to seeing the feedback – if any.


Nicolas Blank

Nicolas is an Architect, author, and speaker focused on all things Exchange and Cloud at NBConsult. With over 16 years of experience on Exchange, Nicolas consults to customers globally on cloud based and on-premises Exchange as well as ISVs building Exchange focused products. Nicolas has extensive experience using Azure to create public and private Azure based offerings leveraging cloud based principles and common sense. Nicolas currently holds status of MCM Exchange 2010, Office 365 (Microsoft Certified Master), MCSM Exchange 2013, and has been awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft Exchange since March 2007. Nicolas has co-authored "Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Design, Deploy and Deliver an Enterprise Messaging Solution," published by Sybex. Nicolas blogs regularly on Exchange and messaging topics at, tweets at @nicolasblank, and is the founder of and a contributor to IT Pro Africa and @itproafrica

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