Old Computer Accounts in Active Directory

I needed to find out which computer accounts where stale in a Active Directory Environment. I

first tried to use Powergui to get the information that I required by exporting all the computer

objects to a csv. When I opened the csv that I exported I could not find the attribute that

I was looking for. After a bit of searching I found the following script in Power Shell that worked


$old = (Get-Date).AddDays(-90)

The above is to create a variable that points to objects older than 90 days from the current date.

After running that then I ran the below script to get the information that I required. Bear in mind

that you require the Active Roles Management Shell for Active Directory from Quest.

Get-QADComputer -IncludedProperties pwdLastSet -SizeLimit 0 | where { $_.pwdLastSet -le $old } | select-object Name, ParentContainer, Description, pwdLastSet | export-csv c:\temp\outdated.csv

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